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What TBR does for you: The How and Why’s

How does Trash Bin Revival clean your bins? First we fundamentally believe in treating you, our customer as family. We don't just spray out your garbage bins, we have a Three Step Process that throughly cleans your bins

The cleaning process:

First step: spraying down your bins inside and out with our cleaner. That's where the magic happens, our cleaner breaks down the garbage build up inside your bins.

Second Step: The high pressure wash easily removes the organic material that has been broken down by our cleaner from the sides and bottom of your garbage bins.

( Once completely rinsed out and the waste water is collected )

Third step: A complete inspection of your bins to make sure that your bins are spotless and clean. If we notice any debri or grime left over we spot spray the trouble areas and rinse the bins again making sure you have a clean and fresh garbage bin.

Once cleaned, we bring them from the road side to the top of your driveway so you don't have to.

Now that you know the cleaning process, lets talk about the benefits to you...the whys

  1. No more smell! You are left with a fresh citrus scent

  2. Your bins will no longer attract pest and rodents to your home. ( the smell of rotting organic waste in your bins is like a sweet smelling aroma to those critters )

  3. Peace of mind knowing your bins are not covered with bacteria!

Call us today to have your bins cleaned by us, your bin cleaner specialist!



Written by Paul Klay owner of Trash Bin Revival

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